5 responses to “L is for literacy

  1. Kerry Turner

    Very interesting. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to define a basic skills set for IT and how I’m going to move people forward from this ‘level’. I like your explanation of three literacies and think that the diagram could certainly be useful for defining a training and development strategy. I’ll be following your subsequent blog posts on the effectiveness of your strategy quite closely!

  2. Hi Ben, came across your blog via a tweet from @andywallis. I’m writing my Ed.D. thesis on the concept of ‘digital literacy’ and was wondering whether you’d like to discuss the concept further at http://literacyconversation.org?

    Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@dajbelshaw) and check out my Ed.D. wiki – http://dougbelshaw.com/wiki 🙂

  3. benplouviez

    Kerry – thanks. It’s always seemed to me important to keep the question of what IT is actually *for* firmly in mind! Good luck with your strategy!

    Doug – also thanks! Will certainly engage through literacyconversation – looks really interesting.


  4. Have a look at e-skills website -competencies mapped out in number of ways ( IT and Digital Literacy) and touches on Information literacy

  5. Hi Ben

    I have just come across this via this Pinterest post: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/136867276146628552/

    I found your diagram really helpful on two levels: firstly, in relation to my own understanding of my various digital skill sets (basic, but at least now I have a better idea of what’s missing!).

    Then, in my public sector role, trying to explain to others why presenting information in a different way is important, and why doing nothing is not an option.

    Thank you for sharing the concept!

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